Русский   400 Glenmore Ave., Brooklyn New York 11207 

Photo Archive

Our Church
402 Glenmore Ave. Brooklyn, NY, 11207
(718)498-0518. Senior priest - father Vladimir
The Holy Trinity
In 16 June 2002 there was The Holy Trinity Divin Liturgy in out church and after this concert and then picnic.
Russian Winter Festival
In February 2002 there was Russian Winter Festival in New York. Our parishioners and their children prepared several items and took active part in the festival

Christmas Concert
The group of children and adult parishioners took part in Christmas concert in January 2002.
Concert of Svetlana Yankovckaya
In June 2001 our church invited Svetlana Yankovskaya, the actress of the Gipsy Theatre Romen.



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