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Our church has name of The Holy Trinity.

This icon The Holy Trinity by Andrey Rublyov is our church patronal icon.

Our church patron saint's day is The Pentecost or the Day of the  Holy Trinity - it is celebrated on the fiftieth day after Easter


 The history of our parish

In March 1908 the Russian Orthodox emigrants decided to build his church. The congregation established the Organizing Committee. This Committee rented a small room at the Liberty Ave. and Glenmore Ave., where the first worship was serviced.

A year later, was purchased a lot of land on Pennsylvania Ave. and Glenmore Ave. And on Palm Sunday April 3, 1910 here was held the first service. So New York got a new Brownsville parish with the Rector Fr. Vasily Mikhailovsky. Gradually the parish increased and the church could not accommodate everyone.

April 27, 1934 it was started preparations for the construction of a new church. Design was entrusted to architect R. A. Melzer, and the construction was committed by V. N. Testino.

September 10, 1934 the old church was demolished The services were held at the school opposite the church and in the Lutheran church around the corner. In 1935 the Easter service was held in the basement of the temple - the refectory, which at that time was built.

According to the ancient Russian tradition, 7 April 1935 was consecrated the cornerstone of the new church.  That was the day of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin. 

All funds for the construction costs, it was about 50 thousand dollars, were collected by parishioners.

This site was created by blessing of father Vladimir,  the senior priest of the Church of the Holy Trinity 

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